Introducing: Enhanced Group Counselling

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released a game-changing update to our suite of video-conferencing tools. Introducing Enhanced Group Counselling, a more sophisticated experience informed by - as always -  feedback from you. You’ll now be able to accommodate a bigger team on a call, and get the technical support in real-time - all within a secure and compliant environment
Enhanced Group Counselling: Take your video group conferencing to the next level.  

Host more people

You can now have up to 12 participants* on a call - up from 4 participants in our previous version. Get multiple providers, patients, or guests all on one call with Adracare - simply invite additional guests onto a live call at the click of a button, or use the new option to add participants when creating new appointments.*

*Please note that your plan will dictate the maximum number of users you can host; 4 for Premium, 12 for Enterprise.

Convenient & swift support
We’ve grown at a record speed over the past few months and thanks to your continued feedback and questions, we’ve ironed out a lot of details in our support chat to deliver answers to you better and faster. Try clicking the green chat bubble next time you have a question for clear, automated support to get you the answers you need.

What’s next for video from Adracare?
You talked, we listened -  and we’re making changes to help you make the most out your virtual meeting experience. Soon, you’ll experience an optimized fullscreen, where - amongst many other new tweaks - you can conveniently hide tools till you need them and check your video and audio settings before a call thorough user-friendly buttons and interactions.

From support, development and design, we’re always working to make Adracare better to deliver the best experience to you and your patients.