Clinic Appointment Scheduling Software

For medium to large clinics looking to reduce clinic spend and improve overall patient outcomes.
Improve Patient Outcomes
A user-friendly clinic appointment scheduling app boosts communication and supports long-term patient engagement.
Boost Your Clinic’s Productivity
Reduce time spent on scheduling & appointment calls and let your team prioritize other patient care tasks.
Create an All-In-One Information Resource
Provide a real time, all-in-one portal for patient information that’s accessible from any device, and at any time.
Easy Integration
Leverage a platform that is fully compatible with your current clinic’s software - allowing you to keep data and systems you’re already familiar with.
Enjoy High-Quality HD Capabilities
Enhance client care, engagement, and communication by counseling patients over crystal clear sessions via video, audio, or both.
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It worked really well
This system allowed me to switch to doing on-line virtual assessments during the period when my private practice office setting was shuttered due to the COVID pandemic and it worked well and I will continue to offer the option of doing some assessments on line for clients who are concerned about going out for face to face sessions or when people are from out of town.
Norman Brodie
Neuropsychologist, The Triune Group
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Excellent product
I like the ease of use with my clients, they are able to sign up quickly and have told me the process is fairly easy. We have had good quality connections for most sessions.
Tanya Weiler
Social Worker, Private Practice
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I have been delighted by how responsive Adracare is to adaptations suggested by its users. No data is stored in the USA where it would be potentially subject to disclosure under "The Patriot Act". Pricing is competitive. Adracare saved my business during the pandemic period during which we are not permitted to meet with clients face-to-face.
Adracare User
Health, Wellness and Fitness, Self-employed

Appointment Scheduling Software by the Numbers

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Boost Scheduling Efficiency With Our Clinic Appointment Scheduling Software

Adracare’s clinic appointment software is an all-in-one solution for online scheduling and clinic practice management.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

How much time each day do your admin staff spend setting up appointments? Our clinic appointment scheduling software lets patients book time slots online, allowing your team to spend less time on the phone.

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Automated Appointment Reminders

Does your practice struggle with no shows? Adracare’s clinic appointment app supports automated reminders that update patients on appointment details -- all without any need for input from your team.

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User-Friendly Patient Portals

Patients won’t bother with telehealth platforms that aren’t user-friendly. Our appointment software is designed for simplicity, letting patients access their portal without any need for installations, downloads, or logins.

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One-Click Sign-In From Anywhere

Patient app engagement relies on accessibility. That’s why our clinic practice appointment software features one-click sign-in options. Boost engagement by letting patients set appointments no matter where they are or what device they use.

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Encounter Notes & Reports

Benefit from custom templates to write detailed patient progress notes -  which can be quickly & easily faxed, audited, downloaded or exchanged.

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Online Booking & Scheduling

Leverage a feature-rich calendar that allows you to book, plan and manage all of your appointments - quickly & easily and all in one place.

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Documentation & Forms

Speed up patient onboarding and reduce office wait times with clinic appointment software. Let patients access health forms & documents ahead of their appointment to get them in and out of the office faster.

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24/7 Customer Support

Feel confident about your new clinic appointment scheduling app knowing that it’s backed by Adracare’s 24/7 customer support. Our agents will be ready to address any issues across phone, live chat, or email.

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Make Online Scheduling Easy for Patients

Reduce no shows and streamline bookings with Adracare’s dedicated clinic appointment app.

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Clinic Appointment Scheduling Software

Easily Manage Patients & Appointments With a Web Based Scheduling Platform

Give your patients the means to manage scheduling on their own with clinic office appointment software.

Simple Online Scheduling
Provide a platform where patients canschedule appointments from any devicewithout any downloads or installations.

Automated Reminders & Alerts
Streamline communication with automated reminders for upcoming appointments or recurring appointments across the year.

Reduce Time Spent on Administration

Schedule management is time-consuming. Speed things up with patient scheduling software & support faster delivery of care.

Improve Team Productivity
Practice management software providesself-service options for patients, allowingyour team to focus on delivering higher quality care.

Reduce Office Wait Times
Boost patient throughput by letting themfill out health histories and documentsbefore arriving in the office.

 clinic practice appointment software
clinic appointment scheduling app
Reduce No Shows With an All-in-One Patient Info Portal

Instant Access to Schedule Details
Empower your patients with an all-in-one portal for schedule information, health records, and provider details.

Simple Schedule Updates
Reduce no shows by giving your patients an easy way to adjust schedule details well in advance of their appointments.

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Patient Scheduling Has Never Been Easier

Our clinic appointment management system brings a new level of efficiency to your practice.

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