Medical cannabis

Help improve the quality of life using Cannabis as treatment

Evidence on cannabis for medical purposes continues to emerge. Go virtual to help ensure your patients are getting the appropriate guidance to help improve their overall health and wellness.

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Ensuring that you patients have access to safe cannabis should be simple.

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Work the hours that fit into your day by having personal control over your work schedule and work environment.

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Patient Engagement

Have secure meaningful conversations with your patient to discuss the best options that are unique to their personal wellbeing.

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Expand your patient base

Build and expand your patient base by providing service outside of your geographic sector.

Help improve the quality of life to your patients with our integrated features

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Security & Privacy

We are HIPAA, PHIPA and CASL compliant, meeting all universal privacy and security requirements. With end-to-end encryption set in place, we ensure that only you and the person you’re communicating with will have access to any data that has been exchanged, nobody else in between. 

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Connect with your patient using group conferencing

With the ability to counsel 12 people at once, you can easily connect with your patients, anytime, and anywhere! This makes it easier to involve caregivers, advocates, translators, and necessary parties easily, without the hassle of having to coordinate additional appointments.

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Real time Collaboration via Screen and Document Sharing

With the encrypted document sharing feature, you can share documents, notes, and resources to provide a personalized treatment plan for every patient, tailored to their medical needs. Share your screen to help your patient have a better understanding of a treatment plan.

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Create Custom Form Builders

Save time by getting to understand your patients needs. Send your patients customized intake forms or questionnaires to fill out before, during, or after appointments.

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Prescription Scripting

Easily create & print signed prescriptions during the appointment to send to other multidisciplinary health care teams.

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Self Check in

Patients are able to join a session prior to starting the appointment. This allows patients to provide further relevant information and confirmation that their health information is up to date. Allowing you to spend more time focusing on the patient.

“Adracare has been very receptive to feedback and the many changes we propose to them. I find the staff is knowledgeable and personable. I think that the experience of building a software EMR with a client would benefit from more shadowing/observation of processes.”

-CanvasRx Canada's Medical Cannabis Marketplace

Our Purpose and Vision

We strive to provide a virtual health care platform to better the performance of healthcare organizations, better access for patients, and better outcomes for all.

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