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Our Telemedicine Service offers high end integrations that help providers strategize the best plan of action to ensure that individuals are getting the mental health treatment they need and deserve.

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Many mental health providers are taking their practice online. Here's why.

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Work the hours that fit into your day by having personal control over your work schedule and work environment.

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Expand your patient base

Build and expand your patient base by providing service outside of your geographic sector.

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Patient Experience

Being more accessible allows you to frequently check in with your patients, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Features that’ll help you achieve meaningful patient sessions

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Security & Privacy

We are HIPAA, PHIPA and CASL compliant, meeting all universal privacy and security requirements. With end-to-end encryption set in place, we ensure that only you and the person you’re communicating with will have access to any data that has been exchanged, nobody else in between. 

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Host HD Therapy Sessions while taking Notes

Note taking is simple. You can use customized templates to take notes during crystal clear video sessions, that automatically save directly to your patient profile. This makes record keeping easy so you can easily audit or download and exchange notes.

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Host Group Therapy Sessions with Ease

With the ability to counsel 12 people at once, you can easily connect with your patients, anytime, and anywhere! This makes it easier to involve caregivers, advocates, translators, and necessary parties easily, without the hassle of having to coordinate additional appointments.

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Easily book your appointments online

Connect with your patients like never before with fast and simple online booking. Patients can book their own appointments based on your availability making it easier for you to provide patient care. You can set your own hours and have the ultimate flexibility for your practice.

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Friendly automated reminders

Keep your patients engaged and on track with friendly and discreet automated reminders via email and SMS. You can save time spent on the phone, while reducing risk of cancellations and no-shows.

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Video conferencing

Maintain personal connections with your patients by using video calls accompanied with audio conferencing. You and the patient will have the ability to mute your microphones, turn your cameras on and off, and share screens to help with communication.

“I have recommended it to several other therapists already.  It is easy to use and the quality of the video is great. Love the feature of being able to add in other people from other locations for relationship/family therapy.”

-Out Of The Woods Counselling

Our Purpose and Vision

We strive to provide a virtual health care platform to better the performance of healthcare organizations, better access for patients, and better outcomes for all.

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