Provide assessments, follow ups & personal nutritional guidance

With virtual care you’re able to provide sufficient advice and guidance to help ensure that your patients goals and health concerns are being met.

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Many nutrition providers are taking their practice online. Here's why.

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See More Patients

Maximize your work time by booking additional appointments between patients, or from the comfort of your own home.

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Cut down on costs

With an online patient portal, your patients will be able to book appointments based on your availability, avoiding any no shows.

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Improve Healthcare Quality

Your patient is is easily able to contact you with an inquiry, rather than booking a full session. saving you time.

Feature’s that’ll help you achieve meaningful patient sessions

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Security & Privacy

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Host HD Therapy Sessions while taking Notes

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Easily book your appointments online

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Secure Video Conferencing

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Build custom intake forms

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Real time Collaboration via Screen and Document Sharing

“My experience has been that Adracare is reliable and I have heard that from others as well.”

-Michael Doris

Our Purpose and Vision

We strive to provide a virtual health care platform to better the performance of healthcare organizations, better access for patients, and better outcomes for all.

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