Patient Engagement Solutions and Software for Clinics

Enhance patient care and grow your practice with Adracare’s powerful and secure patient engagement platform.
Simple System Integration
Leverage patient engagement software that is completely compatible with your existing system, ensuring a seamless migration. 
High-Quality HD Video Conferencing 
Benefit from high-quality video conferencing capabilities - which are 100% HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and APP compliant.
Easily Accessible Appointments
Patients can join sessions fast with a one-click entry in the patient portal - no downloads or logins needed. 
Always Available Bilingual Support
Receive 24/7 bilingual support in English or French anytime. Get connected to a live support member via phone, email, or chat. 
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Boost Your Practice With Leading Patient Engagement Solutions

Adracare’s clinical patient engagement solutions will empower your patients to take a more active role in their healthcare.

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Online Booking & Scheduling 

With our cloud based patient engagement software, it’s easier than ever to manage online scheduling. Benefit from our feature-rich calendar that enables you to rapidly and easily schedule and manage your appointments all in one convenient location.

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In-Session Charting

Minimize disruptions and delays with in-session charting that allows you to jot down patient notes during in-progress video calls, all on one clear screen. Write notes from scratch or with easily customizable templates.

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Digital Intake Forms

Spend less time on admin and more time with patients. Benefit from customizable intake forms or questionnaires. Patients can conveniently complete them during, before, or post-medical appointments.

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Encounter Notes & Reports

Create more detailed records for each patient encounter. Adracare’s patient engagement software allows you to take advantage of customizable templates to write in-depth progress notes that can be readily downloaded, revised, exchanged, or faxed.

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Secure, Easy-to-use Patient Portal

Give your patients a simple and secure way to access their critical healthcare information. Our 100% secure patient portal gives your patients control and visibility into their critical health information, such as keeping track of upcoming appointments and medical billing.

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Virtual Waiting Room

Partner with one of the top patient engagement companies in North America and accelerate the check-in process with a virtual waiting room. Patients can check-in early from any device - and wait until their appointment begins.

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Make Healthcare More Accessible

See how Adracare’s patient engagement systems can get your patients more invested in their health.


Additional Clinical Patient Engagement Solutions

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HD Video Counselling 

Connect with patients fast and easily via HD video conferencing, audio - or a combination of both. Each of our packages has crystal clear, high-quality HD video conferencing capabilities, to enhance the patient experience.

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Group Conferencing

Our group conferencing feature allows you to speak with up to 12* patients in one session through our patient engagement system - and ensures that family members, caregivers, translators, and other key individuals can be involved.

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Round-The-Clock Bilingual Support

Receive 24/7/365 bilingual support in French or English whenever you need it. Our cloud-based patient engagement software enables you to easily speak with a live support member - through email, phone, or live chat. 

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Patient Profiles

Make sure that your patients’ critical health data is well-organized in an easily readable digital chart. Adracare’s patient engagement software simplifies document viewing and clinic management, helping you reduce your practice’s administrative burden.

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Chatbot Support

Reduce the cost of digital patient engagement solutions with Adracare’s all-in-one patient engagement platform, which includes chatbot support. Chatbots generate instant, automatic responses to easy, frequently asked questions.

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Mobile App

Connect in more ways than one. Easily download the Adracare mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store - ensuring that you stay connected at all times. 


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It worked really well
This system allowed me to switch to doing on-line virtual assessments during the period when my private practice office setting was shuttered due to the COVID pandemic and it worked well and I will continue to offer the option of doing some assessments on line for clients who are concerned about going out for face to face sessions or when people are from out of town.
Norman Brodie
Neuropsychologist, The Triune Group
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Excellent product
I like the ease of use with my clients, they are able to sign up quickly and have told me the process is fairly easy. We have had good quality connections for most sessions.
Tanya Weiler
Social Worker, Private Practice
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I have been delighted by how responsive Adracare is to adaptations suggested by its users. No data is stored in the USA where it would be potentially subject to disclosure under "The Patriot Act". Pricing is competitive. Adracare saved my business during the pandemic period during which we are not permitted to meet with clients face-to-face.
Adracare User
Health, Wellness and Fitness, Self-employed
Patient engagement software

Boost Clinic Efficiency with a Trusted Patient Engagement Platform

Superior patient engagement solutions allow you to spend less time on admin - and more time on delivering quality patient care. 

Simplify Schedule Management
Benefit from a comprehensive patient engagement solution, which allows you to book and manage appointments all in one place.

Reduce the Risk of No-Shows
Prevent no-shows and cancellations with appointment reminders through email or text messages.

Ensure Social Distancing with Our Complete Telemedicine Solution

Adracare ensures that patients safely receive the care that they need - anytime, anywhere. 

Group Video Conferencing
Quickly connect with up to 12* people in one session - making it easy to include caregivers, translators, and more.

Virtual Waiting Room
Our virtual waiting room allows patients to check-in early for an appointment and wait there until the session starts. 

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clinical patient engagement solutions
Secure Clinic Management Features You Can Trust

Protect your patients’ confidential health information with a telehealth solution that’s 100% safe, secure, and compliant.

End-to-End Encryption
Leverage end-to-end encryption for all shared documents, so that sensitive patient data remains safe and secure.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Guarantee full compliance with healthcare data regulations across HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and APP standards.

We also provide software solutions for:
Physiotherapy Management
Occupational Therapy Practice

Make Practice Management Easier

As one of the best patient engagement companies in North America,
we’ll provide you with the tools to enhance patient care.