Another step towards the democratization of healthcare

Adracare, a leading provider of telemedicine and practice management solutions based in Toronto, announced today the launch of its self-serve platform, available to Canadian and US-based clients immediately. With the Adracare self-serve platform now fully functional, healthcare professionals can sign-up and start running their virtual practice in under 90 seconds.

"We launched the self-serve model back in March, at the beginning of COVID-19," said Olivier Giner, CEO of Adracare. "It was a necessity of sorts: we removed a barrier to using the service and gave access to users for a free trial period – we've had very positive reception with thousands of independent healthcare practitioners signing up and using our platform since."

The Adracare platform was built over the last few years with the help and feedback of its large enterprise clients. The launch of self-serve will let a wider group of healthcare professionals benefit from the software. The move is designed to help smaller organizations, which do not always have the time to contact a sales representative, schedule a demo, and wait until after long implementation cycles to finally get acquainted with the product. By letting users sign up for a free trial, Adracare lets users experience its rich set of features and a highly configurable platform, thereby fast-tracking the decision-making process. "There's no better way to find the right product for small providers, as they can try out our platform and see first-hand whether it suits their needs. A vast majority of providers who've tried our platform enjoy our product suite and have made referrals, it has been a very positive experience thus far, for everyone" said Giner.

In a sense, Adracare wants to make the experience as easy as purchasing Dropbox or Microsoft 365. Adracare offers a turnkey operating system for small clinics, and given the breadth of its features, including patient notes, billing, and ePrescriptions, it plays a central role in clinic operations. "We centralize all data, including patient records and appointments, for virtual clinics and brick-and-mortar clinics whether they run virtual or in-person operations," said Giner. Centralizing patient data has been a key success factor for Adracare, addressing feedback from practitioners who noted that running two or more systems in parallel leads to major inefficiencies.

Now a few months into the pandemic, many experts see that telemedicine is here to stay as a main delivery mechanism for healthcare. A recent survey by McKinsey & Company shows that over 76% of survey respondents are interested in using telehealth and 74% of telehealth users reported high satisfaction. The benefits include avoiding the traffic, parking, and waiting rooms associated with traditional in-person appointments. "We make the life of patients easy by removing unnecessary hurdles – there is no download of any software, no registration necessary," said Giner. With Adracare, patients launch their session inside any browser, on any device, by clicking on a link they receive via email or SMS. All is done through secure and encrypted connections, and in compliance with healthcare privacy regulations.

To help providers run their practice smoothly, Adracare provides an advanced scheduling system where providers indicate their availability and let patients book appointments and fill intake questionnaires online. This helps providers focus on delivering care and reducing administrative burden. "Telemedicine has become a must-have, and the ease-of-use of our platform, for patients and healthcare practitioners alike, is another big step towards the democratization of healthcare," said Giner. Adracare currently serves clients in several fields of medicine including mental health, behavioral health, physical therapy, occupational health, medical cannabis, and dental care. Its clients are mostly in Canada and the US, with a growing presence in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

About Adracare
Adracare is a complete, yet simple virtual clinical solution designed for outpatient clinics, from small practices to enterprises. The platform is designed for specialty clinics, but optimizes and centers around patient engagement. We're on a mission to reduce workflow inefficiencies, by providing curated workflows adapted to each specialty practice. By eliminating manual processes, optimizing data access, and integrating with other mission-critical healthcare platforms, we save clinics time and money. Our suite of tools includes video-conferencing, simple online booking and messaging, in-session charting, and many more features that unify practice management while making healthcare more accessible and convenient. Please visit our Facebook page at and our website at for more details.

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