Lifemark to use Adracare for telemedicine

TORONTO — Adracare announced that Lifemark, Canada’s largest physiotherapy company, has completed the implementation of Adracare’s cloud-based telemedicine and practice management solutions as part of their continuous efforts to deliver the highest quality of care to their nationwide clientele.

The Adracare virtual care solutions were gradually implemented over the last few months, and have already enabled Lifemark providers to successfully conduct over 150,000 virtual appointments with their patients since the launch of the program earlier this year.

Lifemark is one of Canada’s largest and most comprehensive national healthcare organizations. Their services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, chiropractic, and sports therapy. While typically Lifemark serves their 1.5 million patients annually out of their 300+ clinics across Canada, the organization and its over 3,000 health providers only recently adopted virtual care as a delivery mechanism for their services.

The move was accelerated due to accessibility constraints surrounding COVID-19. Not only were providers able to continue delivering exceptional care, but they also strengthened patient engagement and relationships, as the Adracare virtual care software made it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their healthcare plans during COVID-19.

The Adracare solution was quickly deployed, and thousands of Lifemark healthcare providers and their patients were onboarded within the system. Despite the mandatory shutdown of clinics imposed during COVID-19, Lifemark was able to launch virtual care within a few days and successfully schedule virtual appointments on the Adracare platform.

“Working with Lifemark has validated our belief that virtual care can support paramedical services, especially as a complementary offering. Our virtual platform provides an alternative option for healthcare providers to offer their services without compromising patient outcomes. We hope to deepen our relationship with Lifemark and further integrate our software, to ensure that the quality of care that patients receive through our Telemedicine platform is equal to that of an in-person appointment, with the benefit of convenience,” says Olivier Giner (pictured), CEO of Adracare.

As we move toward recovery from the pandemic, Canadians’ health and wellness will continue to remain a top priority. Everyone must continue to be vigilant and follow public health advice and workplace safety guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges people to continue practicing physical distancing with those who are not within their social circle, wear a face-covering when mandatory to do so, stay home when feeling ill, wash their hands, and continue using telemedicine as the primary source of receiving healthcare services from providers.

Adracare’s secure HD video conferencing combined with advanced patient engagement and practice management tools enables organizations such as Lifemark to educate and treat their patients online successfully. Healthcare professionals can provide service from any device, anytime, anywhere, with no downloads needed for providers or patients. Security and privacy are considered a top priority, which is why Adracare is HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant and provides end-to-end encryption.

About Adracare
Adracare is an all-in-one telehealth and practice management software solution offering virtual healthcare for clinics. The software contains a full suite of highly configurable telehealth and patient communication features, including secure HD video conferencing. The same platform also offers the various tools required to run in-person or virtual clinics, including scheduling, in-session charting, billing, and prescribing. With Adracare, patients and providers can easily book appointments online, exchange interactive intake, assessments, or consent forms, meet online or in-person, and access all patient data which is conveniently organized into patient records. The platform also offers data migration, integration with other EMRs, white labeling, and custom reporting. To experience the benefits that Adracare provides to healthcare professionals and their patients contact us, or sign up to start using Adracare today.